A week back, I posted this on my story: It was an examination of personal hypocrisies contained in disbalances between belief systems and actual relationships. Before I state my own two cents, I'd like to share some incredible stories I received in response to my ask:
Grief, changing worldviews and where I've been.
sending you affirmations, love notes & a mood-board for the new year!
Surrendering to a landscape of snow storms, bright lights and holiday enchantment today.
Don't hate me but I never found anything extraordinary about the mountains, nothing about the ability to walk quietly through a forest, and live slowly…
Hello, it's been ... what feels like an era. A lot of the last year has felt like a time in which we strived to preserve our bodies and mental sanity. I…
At night , while half of the world is asleep, do you try to listen to the echo of the world? There are people out there who are having their first kiss…
We see each other as the landmarks of a day. History doesn’t see us. It doesn’t see us at all. From this we should draw one ounce of relief.― Naomi…
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