A week back, I posted this on my story: It was an examination of personal hypocrisies contained in disbalances between belief systems and actual relationships. Before I state my own two cents, I'd like to share some incredible stories I received in response to my ask:
Descartes said: I think, therefore I am. I say: I love, therefore I am.
It’s beautiful out there -fields, little lakes and winter trees in February sunlight, every car park a shining mosaic.
Grief, changing worldviews and where I've been.
sending you affirmations, love notes & a mood-board for the new year!
Surrendering to a landscape of snow storms, bright lights and holiday enchantment today.
Don't hate me but I never found anything extraordinary about the mountains, nothing about the ability to walk quietly through a forest, and live slowly…
Hello, it's been ... what feels like an era. A lot of the last year has felt like a time in which we strived to preserve our bodies and mental sanity. I…
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