a home

❝ Either way we call it love because we want to believe that there is a force larger than us that makes us capable of caring about something more than ourselves. A force untouched by the exterior world. The closest thing we have to permanence. The closest thing we have to home. ❞

Tania De Rozario—And The Walls Come Crumbling Down

People are homes for each other.
Homes reassure each other
that they are homes.
Some people do not need homes.
For them, any room or floor
will do. They live in travel.
their hearts are rivers.

Cyril Wong—People Are Looking For Homes

There are places you live
in and there are places you
inhabit. At home the silence kills
where no one is at home with
themselves. Someone tries a whistle
attempting to bring just a little bird-
song into the atmosphere. Lights
flicker on-off steadily but nothing
will change. The computer blinks
Hello! with exhitement
but I am forever hiding.Michelle Tan—Identify