growing old together

— Ann Foster, Bedroom Interior

It's the feeling of finding a home in someone, to look past everything materialistic into someone's soul. Love ain't gonna be cheesy conversations and fast heartbeats every day, it's gonna slow down eventually .its going to take effort and work but wanting to spend your life with someone despite it all, is love.

If so there is nothing more beautiful than growing old together.

— Naeema

we wished when we were younger
that we might retire in time
you would read books on religion
I would write poetry full time

how impossible in Singapore
although we hunt for time
you read over lunches or late at night
I write when my boss isn’t looking

in that real dream of our past
we had nothing but time
you watched your documentaries
I dreamt of poems on your lap

in a quickening dream of now
we turn away from the fringes of time
you read while stroking my nape
I slow your hand in my poem’s last line

— Cyril Wong, Last Line

— Ambera Wellmann, Now Now

This work beautifully shows the intimacy between two people , the way the bodies are entangled showing a calm embrace yet in a very intense manner. The abstraction used here leaves the feeling of it up to the minds of the viewer.

“Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.”

—Robert Browning

The most beautiful relationship comes from understanding each other and growing together not just in life but in love. The poet says this through the line "the best is yet to be".

— Helena Janecic, City Gals 3

Let me love you,

and I will never cease.

I will never gaze upon you with regret,

only ever growing desire and fulfilment.

Let me love you,

and I will only ever ask one thing :

Grow old with me.

— B.Devine

— Clare Elsaesser

One day my hair will turn grey.

this dark, wild mass that smothers you and covers you when we make love.

Like the frost that creeps

along the window in winter, my dark tendrils

will dress themselves in silver.

"Your life is changing seasons"

It hums , and death

Stalks me ever closer. Will you still love me then?

— Willow Teagan

— Ashlee Trchka

Wanting to grow old with someone is knowing that you can be your most vulnerable self and being okay with it, Because sometimes all you need is, to be able to sit in a room full of silence with that someone and feel happy you have someone you can share it with.

— Naeema

— Pascal Campion



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