The Unography Mag is a shared space for the people who wander the periphery of what it means to be an artist every single day. We are a curator collective, running something akin to an art gallery on the internet, but not quite. This magazine exists to make  accessible- not just diverse art, but the ability to understand it.

Srish and Dhruv

Srish and Dhruv cofounded this space to create opportunities and context for contemporary art. Needless to say, this magazine is intended to be collaborative and supportive of all art forms across any medium. 

Here's to understanding of art easily. May you be blessed with musings, aesthetics and breakthroughs. 

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art / words / poetry / a meaningful life / a meaningless life / connection / displacement / desire / trauma / autonomy / daydreaming / love / loneliness / empathy


ML nerd. Art nerd. Antidisciplinary.

Unography Mag

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