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I saw snippets of this post on Srish’s IG and signed up for the newsletter immediately. And now, after reading the whole thing, I’m so so glad I did.

This is a question I’ve constantly dealt with, myself.

“Am I feminist enough if I tolerate casual misogyny and sexism from my significant other? Am I a pseudo feminist for not being stronger and leaving the person who I disagree with? Or am I simply thinking too much and does it not matter at all?”

As my feminism grew to be more intersectional and I became more aware of injustices done to and stereotypes and prejudices perpetuated against different kinds of minorities, I got the answer to my questions. There would never be a way to sustain a relationship where your politics don’t fully agree. There will always be a constant voice in the back of your head questioning your choices every time an argument or conversation throws light on yet another political difference of opinion you hold with your partner. And that, will simply never let you be at peace with the relationship and with the person, no matter how much you love them.

Relationships are activism, indeed, and how!

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